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LMBNDSL Semi-Automatic Band Sealers for Premade Bags


The LMBNDSL Semi-Automatic Band Sealers are continuous type premade bag vacuum or gas filling machines and a bag sealer in combination. The vacuum function is achieved with the assistance of a vacuum pump in the machine, whereas the nitrogen or gas filling function is achieved through an external gas storage cylinder or a gas generator. After the vacuum or the gas flushing function, the bag gets printed with a date code. It’s a compact semi-automatic premade pouch packaging solution for small quantities or sample production.

LMHTSL-ST Stand-Up Foot-Pressed Manual Bag Sealing Machine


LMHTSL-ST Stand-Up Foot-Pressed Manual Bag Sealing Machine is suitable and convenient for manual packing of premade pouches. This impulse heating based foot sealer is also suitable to be used in combination with a Heat Shrink Tunnel.

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