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Co-Packing Services

Co-Packing Services


LENIS FOODS & CO-PACKING (A subsidiary of LENIS MACHINES INC.) is now offering food production and food co-packing service of dry grain, powder and wet/liquid products. We are starting our new operation in Abbotsford, BC Canada from 1st of October, 2023 in a SFCR certified facility for contract food production and food co-packing operations. We welcome food entrepreneurs who sell small batches through Amazon FBA. If you have specialized food packaging needs that require specialized machinery, then contact us and we’ll support you if the order quantity justifies the investment.

Our current capabilities:

1. Coffee beans & coffee powder packing

2. Tea powder packing

3. Food grain and grain powder packing

4. Granular spices and powder spices packing

5. Mixing of grains or powders

6. Food supplement tablets, capsules in pouches

7. Food supplement powder packing

6. Cosmetics powder packing

7. Cosmetics liquid & pastes in small sachets and stickpacks

8. Powder & grain packing in jars and bottles

9. Cooking sauces and dressings and packing those in sachets, pouches, bottles and jars

10. Liquids and paste packing is sachets

11. Hot filling (95C) of liquid and pasty products in pouches and fast cooling in freezer




Packaging Types:

1. Pre-made Doypack Stand-up Pouches with or without zippers in high-speed pouch packaging machines for high productivity

2. Small 3-side and 4-side sealed sachet packing for powder, granular, liquid and pasty product packing

3. Small stickpack packing for powders and granular products

4. Bottle and jar packing for powders, liquids and pasty products

5. Other type of specialized packaging


Contact us with your project details to discuss your co-packing or food production needs.



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