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Thermoforming Packaging Machines

VACUtherm Vacuum Thermoforming Food Packaging Machines


The VACUtherm Vacuum Thermoforming Machine is a versatile machine for packaging food and other products keeping the visibility and moisture content intact and reducing derogatory oxygen content as low as possible which keeps food fresh for a long time. This machine is suitable for food packaging, without manual bagging, which can increase productivity, save manpower and save packaging materials.

SKINtherm Vacuum Thermoforming Machine With Skin Function


The SKINtherm Vacuum Thermoforming Machine is suitable for food packaging without manual bagging, which can increase productivity, save manpower, and save packaging material costs. Compared with traditional plastic wrap + poly box packaging commonly used in the supermarkets, there are often problems such as liquid exposure or fresh food moving and deforming. The new form of skin-packing perfectly attaches the film to the fresh food, so that the original appearance of the food is not deformed, and the juice is perfectly stored in the food, and it will not gradually overflow with time. In addition, the film can also increase the contrast of food to give a beautiful appearance, just as it helps to keep food fresh, which is more attractive to consumers.

BLISTERtherm Vacuum Thermoforming Blister Packing Machine


The BLISTERtherm Vacuum Thermoforming Blister Packaging Machine is used in all types of blister packing applications. This automatic blister packaging machine is suitable for all kinds of elevator card packaging, which can increase productivity, save manpower, save packaging materials and storage space.

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