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LENIS MACHINES is a one-stop packaging and production equipment solution provider starting from production, product mixing, weighing, filling, bagging/packing, bottling/wrapping, sealing, capping, cartoning, case-packing, robot palletizing to pallet wrapping line of machines including fully customized & turnkey machinery solutions for specialized needs.

Wider vision towards localized manufacturing and higher productivity backed by decades of experience in packaging & manufacturing industry

LENIS MACHINES is a visionary company with a long-term vision of supporting and promoting localized packaging and manufacturing industries. We are also committed to our focus on developing entrepreneurship and helping traditional small-scale industries empowering them with the tools and equipment required to cope with the higher productivity and growth demanded by the 21st century.

LENIS MACHINES provides smart packaging & production technology solutions in a variety of industries including food, bakery, confectionary, puffed food, IQF & frozen food, meats, poultry, dairy, agricultural grains & fruits, vegetable, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, cannabis, chemical, hardware, automotive and marine.    

We empower ourselves by empowering your business with shared & documented technical knowledge and expertise in the field of product packaging and manufacturing equipment. 

At LENIS MACHINES, we take matters very seriously and you can trust our dynamic support all the way from requirement analysis, planning, installation & commissioning, deployment to post-sales services, and towards a long-term business partnership.

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