First Time Buyer

Stepping into automatic packaging or production arena can be challenging

We understand your expectations, concerns, resource & knowledge limitations as a first-time equipment buyer. That is why we have focused our special attention on serving your delicate needs as a first time buyer of packaging and production equipment.

Get the most optimized machinery solution between your vision & budget

We are well aware of the special attention and needs required by you as a first-time buyer. That is why we strongly assure you that we will be all the way with you from gathering your requirement, selection of machines, procurement, transportation of the equipment to your warehouse, installation and commissioning on-site, training & support, and post-sale-services including easy spare part procurement process. We have covered it all for you including startup-friendly pricing of the machinery!   

We are a one-stop packaging and production equipment solution provider starting from production, product mixing, weighing, filling, bagging/packing, bottling/wrapping, sealing, capping, cartoning, case-packing, robot palletizing to pallet wrapping line of machines including fully customized & turnkey machinery solutions for specialized needs.

We would be happy to offer you a free consultation, and also ask us about new in-stock, used, and refurbished equipment. 

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