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Material Conveying Equipment

LMZBE-T Z-Bucket Elevator / Conveyor for Granular Products


The LMZBE-T Z-Bucket Elevators are used mainly to convey solid granular products like rice, potato chip, candy, etc. This type of conveyor system is widely used to lift product on the top hopper of a weigher system and used in conjunction with a packaging machine to form an automatic packaging line. For food packaging industry, the conveyor is made of SS304 stainless steel and plastic (PP) which is hygienic and safe. The elevator is controlled manually or automatically from the packaging line. Vertical type material conveying function can save space in warehouses. Double discharge exits are optional which makes the packing line more efficient. The conveyor generally comes with a vibrating feeder for uniform distribution of products on the buckets.

LMISCRCV Inclined Screw Conveyors for Powder Packaging


The LMISCRCV Inclined Screw Conveyors are designed to transport various loose, powdery, fine-grained, and dusty materials. The LMISCRCV inclined screw conveyors can effectively transport a wide range of loose products over small distances generally to elevate products to reach the top of a product metering system of a packaging system. Such sealed machines convey small-sized or fine-grained materials easily, under the action of a rotation screw mechanism, inside an inclined steel pipe. The conveyor can be used as a separate unit as well as a part of a production or a packaging line. The machine is suitable for using in food, chemical, construction, and agro-industries. For food industries, the build material is SS304 stainless steel.

LMBBE-T Belt Type Bucket Elevator / Conveyor for Granular Products, Salads


The LMBBE-T Belt Type Bucket Elevators / Conveyors are primarily used for granular foodstuff and other granular items.  These conveyors are fully customizable in terms of bucket width and height, material, belt width, belt material and conveyor height up to 4 meters. Different styles of belts and buckets are also available for better handling of different materials. Widely used in food and vegetable packaging industries because of the easily washable plastic material and SS304 construction.

LMODC Packaging Machine Output / Delivery Conveyors


The LMODC Packaging Machine Output / Delivery Conveyors are mostly used for conveying finished packed products out from the bottom of a VFFS or similar pouch packaging machine. This is generally used in a pouch packaging line and used after the packaging machine and before the rotary collection table. The prime reason for this conveyor is to elevate the bags and make it accessible for further processing.

LMRTBL Rotary Collection Tables for Pouch Packaging Machines


The LMRTBL Rotary Collection Tables are used for collecting finished packed bags from the packaging machines. Generally used in a pouch packaging line and used after the a delivery or an output conveyor.  Fully constructed with SS304 stainless steel material to be used in food industry and optional rotational speed control. Two table diameters available for using in pouch packaging applications to facilitate manual bag collection for further bulk packing process.

Customized & Complex Material Conveying Systems


LENIS MACHINES offers various kinds of complex and customized raw materials, granular or powder in form and finished packed products conveying equipment used in production and packaging industries.  Flatbed straight and bending belt type conveyors, roller conveyors, chain conveyors, bottle clamping conveyors, turning conveyors. check weigher based online conveyor etc. are just to name a few types of conveyors we deal with. Contact us with your project details for the customized conveyor solution.

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