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LMSTS-300 Single-Lane Stickpack or Sachet Packaging Machines


The LMSTS-300 is a small and economic VFFS single-lane stickpack or sachet packing machine that forms, fills, and seals pouches and sachets in one automatic process. Three models of these machines are suitable for powders, liquid, paste, grain, or granular products. The machine can be customized to make 4-side seal sachets, 3-side seal sachets, back-sealed stickpacks, and shaped bags to suit your individual needs. The stickpacks can be of zagged edges or plain cut or can have smart-looking shaped cut with a tear-notch. This machine can also make chained bags of a predefined number.

The LMSTS-300 series has three models of machines.  The G model is for grains, granular products, and free-flowing powder packing and comes with a Volumetric Cup Filler. The P model of this machine is for non-free-flowing powders and also can be customized for free-flowing micro-grains and free-flowing powders and comes with an Auger Filler. The L model of this machine is for liquid or pasty product packing and comes with a Piston Pump Filler. This machine can also be customized with a vibrating counter filler for packing tablets and capsules. We can freely discuss your need for further customization of this machine to achieve your production goal. A small but rugged industrial machine for small production facilities with a variety of products and ideal for startups launching a new product.


*** NEW *** 

LENIS now offers sachet or stickpack co-packing service specially for cosmetic products in the USA for startups. Minimum order quantity is 10,000 sachets or stickpacks. We can do both liquid/pasty products and powder products. Contact us for details.






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