Stickpack Or Sachet Packing Machine


Stickpack / Stick Bag Packing Machine Videos 

LMSTS-300 Single Lane Stickpack / Stick Bag Packing Machines







LMSTM-2L/4L/6L/8L Multi-Lane Stickpack or Stick Bag Packing Machines






Stickpack Or Sachet Packing Machine 1






All parts are under One Year Warranty for defects from the manufacturer. Any other defect caused by human error, mishandling, wear-and-tear & any foreseeable conditions will not be covered by this warranty. All electronic parts and component can be guaranteed by the original part’s manufacturer or LENIS.

Service & Support

LENIS believes that packaging and production machines are simple machines to operate and maintain as the mechanical and electrical/electronic complexity is very less when compared even to a simple car of this age. LENIS offers three tiers of service & support to its customers as follows:

  1. Online Troubleshooting
  2. Through Servicing & Maintenance Partners Near You
  3. Direct In-Person Troubleshooting from Our Main Servicing & Maintenance Team

Our aim and vision are to provide sales and service around the world. LENIS offers competitive pricing of the provided solutions through an online marketing strategy to keep the prices of the solution competitive and collaborate with servicing and maintenance partners all over North America and around the world to offer the best services to the valued customers. We are committed to providing online troubleshooting of the machines in the first place and also provide maintenance service through our partners near you.

LENIS machines use standard components and we avoid proprietary components as much as possible to ensure that servicing and maintenance of the machine become simple and easy. Because of the simplicity and openness of our designs, our partners near you will be able to assist you at the time when online troubleshooting becomes ineffective. In extreme cases, our main servicing and maintenance team can visit your machines in-person.