In-stock Machines

Are you looking for a stock machine for your immediate packaging & production equipment needs?

We care about your immediate need for a packaging or a production machine to boost your productivity and sales

We always maintain some stock machines of our popular machines to reduce lead time for clients with immediate needs for a packaging or a production machine. 

We currently have some VFFS pillow packing machines and small sachet packing machines in stock. Please contact our sales team to learn more about the stock machines and assess your current requirement. Please contact us also for any other types of machines you need as our stock changes all the time and we get different kinds of machines in turn.

LENIS MACHINES is a one-stop packaging and production equipment and service provider where we provide one-stop service to meet all your packaging and production equipment needs to seamlessly work with only one vendor for all/most of your equipment.

Our motto is to build a long-term partnership with you and take part in your success all the way to your entrepreneurial journey.  

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