Turnkey solution of fully automatic machinery
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LENIS provides cost-effective turnkey solutions and lease financing options of fully automatic standard, specialized or customized packaging and production or manufacturing machinery. We are not a machine manufacturer; rather, we work with OEM machine manufacturers in the USA, Asia and around the world. We also stock some machinery in our warehouse in British Columbia, Canada. We provide the following products and services:

1) Understand the product manufacturing requirements, as well as existing resources, like space and existing equipment; select the proper technology, customization and production or packaging equipment you need.

2) Help you with information like space requirement, energy requirement, machine parameters, drawings, pictures and video of the machines, etc. to make better project proposals.

3) Source and manufacture the machinery abroad and transfer technology and import them.

4) Provide you with an option for purchasing or lease financing the equipment.

5) Certify that the machines conform to the Canadian or US electrical and safety regulations.

6) Add/Modify/Replace machine components to facilitate electrical and safety certification (CSA or equivalent) and also install additional equipment for remote troubleshooting and diagnostics to reduce travel and maintenance costs.

7) Commission the machines on your premises.

8) Train the staff.

9) Provide warranty and after-sale service.  

LENIS can provide any kind of fully automatic/semi-automatic packaging and production line of machinery as a turnkey solution. If you don't find the machine in our list, let us know, and we are confident that we'll be able to help you meet your requirement.

Note to Entrepreneurs Regarding Buying Used Machines to Reduce Project Cost

LENIS strongly suggests not to buy used equipment for the following reasons:

1. Machine certification directives in Canada and in the US changed a lot in recent years. If you buy a used and old machine, there is a very strong chance that you need to re-certify the machine, which may be very expensive. Used and old machines are prone to having uncertified critical electrical components that need to be changed, and electrical modifications must be made before you can use them commercially. Electrical authorities will not allow an uncertified machine to be plugged in. Due to the modifications, electrical changes and use of obsolete parts, the re-certification of an old and used machine can be very expensive, even if the buying cost may seem very low. An example link discusses the problem in the US. Canada is lot stricter in this regard.  

2. Used and old machines are prone to have obsolete central components like PLC, HMI, etc., which are the brain of the machine. If they become dead, chances are that the machine will not be revived as the manufacturer will not be able to help you anymore because of the obsolescence of the parts. Even if you find the part on eBay or after market, the PLC or HMI code of the machine will not match your machine and ultimately will not work.

That is why LENIS promotes and supplies brand new machines with the latest models of high quality electrical and electronic components installed, which will ensure the long-term use of the machine without headache.

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