Contract Pouch Packaging Service

Contract Pouch Packaging Service 1

Lenis Machines Inc., a packaging and production machinery solution provider is now offering contract packaging service of pillow pouches for non-food items in Vancouver Lower Mainland area.



We have a few VFFS pouch packing machines at our warehouse for providing contract pouch packaging service of non-food items.

What Can We Pack as a Contract Packaging Service Provider?

Pet Foods: Cat food, dog food, bird food, fish food, etc.
Chemicals and salts: Any type of non-toxic chemicals and salts in powder or granular form. Example: pool salt, fertilizer, etc.
Lawn & Garden products: Plant and grass seeds, plant fertilizers, salts, etc.
Other Non-Food Items: Any other non-food powder and granular items

Minimum Order Quantity: 5,000 bags/month
Price: $0.35 ~ $0.85 per bag
Packing Film: Supplied by you or else, we can provide with added cost.

Contact us with your detailed requirement at or call us at 778-7229897