Get rid of your worries of machine shutdown time and reduce maintenance costs tremendously through our internet-based Remote Machine Servicing technology. LENIS added a high-end feature to its machines that allows the machines to be monitored and controlled from anywhere in the world through the internet. This feature is extremely useful for remote troubleshooting of a machine installed at any location in the world. It uses cellular network-based internet connectivity where standard internet is not available. The beauty of cellular network-based troubleshooting is that you don’t even need a physical internet connection; rather, you only need a SIM card with an IOT data plan, which is pretty affordable.

Remote machine serviving

LENIS brand machines are fully automatic machines and contain a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), which is the heart of the machine. We added a special industrial gateway in every machine that can communicate with the PLC with defined industrial protocols and connects to LENIS tech support through the internet.  LENIS tech support then monitors and controls the state of the machine, runs diagnostics and remotely troubleshoots them without even visiting the production facility in person. In almost 90% of cases, the troubleshooting of a machine can be done that way with the help of an operator or an electrician present near the machine who can talk to the LENIS tech support agent in case it needs any physical actions while troubleshooting. That way, a machine owner can save valuable time and money for maintenance of the machine and significantly reduce machine down time, increasing productivity.

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