Production Machines

Lenis provides many kinds of production and processing machinery including (but not limited to) the following types of automatic/semi-automatic machines. LENIS can provide machines with CSA certification for the Canadian market.

  1. Plastic Servo Injection Molding Machines
  2. Plastic Blow Molding Machines
  3. Plastic Film Making Machines
  4. Bubble Wrap Production Line of Machines
  5. Cardboard Box Production Line of Machines
  6. Tissue Paper Processing Machinery
  7. Numerous Types of Food Processing Machinery
  8. Corrugated Cardboard Sheet Making and Cardboard Box Production Line of Machines

Other than these machines, LENIS can provide and engineer any kind of general, specialized or customized production or processing machinery or complete production line of machines at a very competitive price. Contact us with your production machinery requirement and get a free quote.