Packaging Machines


LENIS provides affordable packaging machinery solutions and we offer fully automatic and customized packaging line of machines for conveying, mixing, weighing/counting, filling and sealing, cardboard boxing and wrapping of flexible pouches, large bags, bottles, cans, jars, etc. for an endless number of products.

LENIS provides machinery for the following industries:

  1. Food Industry
  2. Beverage Industry
  3. Cosmetics Industry
  4. Pharmaceutical Industry
  5. Chemicals Industry
  6. Commodities Industry
  7. Specialized Packaging Machines for Any Industry


LENIS provides a wide range of packaging machinery including (but not limited to rotary pouch packaging machines, vacuum pouch packaging machines, horizontal form fill & seal pouch packaging (hffs) machines for Doypack and flatpack or pillow bags, vertical form fill & seal (vffs) machines, mini doypack stand-up pouch packaging machines, single & multi-lane stickpack or sachet packing machines, horizontal flow wrap or flow packing machines etc.

We also carry liquid filling machines in bottles and jars including beverage filling and sealing machines, canned food packaging line of machines, soda pop packaging line of machines, cup filling and sealing machines, vacuum thermoforming machines, pick & place delta robots, boxing & wrapping machines, tablet & capsule blister packing machines and many other kinds of packaging machines not listed below. Please contact us for any kind of special product packaging machine if you don't find them listed in our website and we are confident that we'll be able to provide you a solution to your specialized needs.

Main Packaging Machinery Products

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