We sell some brand new machines from ready stock. We test each machine and enhance functionality at our warehouse in Canada. That way, you don’t have to satisfy yourself with only the product videos and stock photos and wait for months for the machines to be manufactured and shipped. We understand your urge to start quickly. We also understand the hassle and risk for small businesses to buy used and obsolete machines that are prone to frequent maintenance and obsolete components and electrical safety certification issues.

LENIS works with overseas machine manufacturers to get the best quality of machine possible within budgetary constraints. We select and suggest better components and use additional components to improve functionality and work with the manufacture to make a machine suitable for the North American market. Give us a call and visit our warehouse and have a look and feel of the quality of the machines we carry and learn the production process before making a purchase decision.


Pouch Packing Machines

1) Mini-Doypack machine with Volumetric Filler for smart stand-up pouch packaging (granular and powder products)

2) Vertical Form Fill & Seal (VFFS) machine with Augur Filler and Screw Conveyor + Delivery Conveyor + Rotary Table (for powder products)

3) Vertical Form Fill & Seal (VFFS) machine with 10-head Weigher and Z-bucket Conveyor + Delivery Conveyor + Rotary Table (for granular products like beans, seeds, chips etc.)

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