La Mille Multi-Lane Sachet Packing Machine


La Mille is a packaging machine from MF PACKAGING (Italy) with a special design with the presence of two reels and a maximum width of 1000 mm, where the first one is placed in lateral position and the other one is in posterior position.


Thanks to the special configuration and detailed engineering design for this model, it is possible to obtain a much more compact installation with reduced space requirement for operation and also possible to save energy about 30% for handling of the rotating parts.


A big advantage in terms of cost saving is achieved by the operation with a single operator who is able to drive the two-reel technology. The compact frame of the machine and the friendly graphical user interface also make the operation of the machine very easy and convenient.


Dedicated engineering and flexibility in design applied in the La Mille technology has allowed MF PACKAGING to win the race of innovation in the world of multi-lane vertical packaging machine construction and development of a special machine that allows double production capacity and, at the same time, it ensures high reliability of the mechanical components, high speed, low maintenance, optimization of functional spaces and reduction of operating costs.


The use of the La Mille allows obtaining a better quality in the sachet formation process and optimizes packaging material due to the accurate and efficient control of the welding groups linked with appropriate systems, and timely registration of the packaging material.


Modular design of the La Mille also allows to improve and add more functions as cartoning solutions or other secondary packaging.