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LENIS LMHFP Series Horizontal Form Fill Seal (HFFS)
Flat Pouch Packing Machines

These high-performance Horizontal Form Fill & Seal (HFFS) Flatpack pouch packing machines make, fill, and seal pouches in one automatic process. 

(Note: If you are looking for Sachet Packing Machines for Liquid Hand Sanitizer packing, please visit our Stickpack and Sachet Packing Machines page.) 

Bag Types

The servo-driven HFSS machines can produce 3-side seal pouches and 4-sided seal flatpack pouches or flat pillow bags.

Fully Automatic Bag Forming 

These high-performance machines eliminate the need for pre-made bags by using laminated roll stock film to create a large variety of flat pouch styles and reduce material cost dramatically. As opposed to purchasing pre-made pouches, cost savings of up to 30% may be incurred by producing a finished product in these machines.

Filler Options

  1. Auger Filler (for powder products)
  2. Volumetric Cup Filler (for grains)
  3. Multi-head Weigher (for grains and granular items like chips, candies, etc.)
  4. Piston Pump (for liquid products)
  5. Tablet Counting Filler (for tablets)
  6. Vibrating Fillers (for block items, nails, screws, etc.)

Machine Options

Hole punch, gas flush, middle capping device, shaped bag molding device, stand-up pouch former, tare notch, zipper application device, vacuum station, etc. are among many options available.

Build Material Options

  • SS304 stainless steel based product contact parts for general food/cosmetics/pharmaceutical industries
  • SS316 corrosion-resistant stainless steel based product contact parts for highly corrosive products like salt, chemicals, etc.

Optional Equipment

  1. Possibility of machine integration with ERP system. (SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, and other ERP software)
  2. SCADA integration
  3. Screw elevator/conveyor for automatic continuous feeding of powder products
  4. Z-bucket elevator for automatic continuous feeding of granular products
  5. Agitator/mixer for liquid or paste products
  6. Product counter and stacking belt conveyor
  7. Extra filler equipment for different powder, granular, liquid or part type products packaging in a single machine. The choices are: volumetric cup filler, multi-head weigher, piston pump filler, auger filler, tablet counting filler, and vibrating filler
  8. Air compressor
  9. Complete packaging line including Metal Detector, Boxing Machines, Wrapping Machines, etc.

Suitable Products for Packaging

Granular Products:

Fruit & nut trail mixes, sunflower seeds, hazelnut, peanut, almond, walnut, pine nuts, beans, rice, lentil, chickpeas,  herbs, noodle, pasta, couscous, corn seeds, rolls, fresh/dried/frozen fruits and vegetables, salt, sugar, coffee beans, grains, cereals, nuts, chocolate beans, cereal, tea, washing powder (granular), detergent, desiccants, dried fish, sprat, frozen fishes, croutons, fertilisers , chewing gum, beads, wine gums, peppercorn, popcorn, animal feed, cat food, dog food etc.

Powder Products:

Turmeric, chilly powder, spice powder, flour-like powders: wheat, maida, besan powder, skimmed milk powder, tooth powder, herbal powder, talcum powder, pigment powder, glucose powder, powder chemicals, pharmaceutical, pesticides, insecticides powder, etc.

Liquid Products:

Water, juice, milk, ketchup, sauce, salsa, spice paste and semi-solids like automobile & industrial greases, garlic paste, tamarind paste, ointments, etc.


Machine Models & Variants

LMHFP-130 Series HFFS Flatpack Pouch Packing Machines

Technical Specification


Bag Types & Shapes
Packaging Steps
Types Of Fillers

LMHFP-180 Series HFFS Flatpack Pouch Packing Machines

Technical Specification


Bag Types & Shapes
Packaging Steps
Types Of Fillers

LMHFPD-240 Series Duplex HFFS Flatpack Pouch Packing Machines

Technical Specification


Bag Types & Shapes
Packaging Steps
Types Of Fillers


All parts are under One-Year Warranty for defects from the manufacturer. Any other defect caused by human error, mishandling, wear-and-tear & any foreseeable conditions will not be covered by this warranty. All electronic parts and component can be guaranteed by original part’s manufacturer or LENIS.

Service & Support

LENIS offers three tiers of service & support to its customers as follows:

  1. Online Troubleshooting
  2. Through Servicing & Maintenance Partners Near You
  3. Direct In-Person Troubleshooting from Our Main Servicing & Maintenance Team

Our aim and vision are to provide sales and service around the world. LENIS offers competitive pricing of the provided solutions through an online marketing strategy to keep the prices of the solution competitive and collaborate with servicing and maintenance partners all over North America and around the world to offer the best services to the valued customers. We are committed to providing online troubleshooting of the machines in the first place and also provide maintenance service through our partners near you.

LENIS machines use standard components and we avoid proprietary components as much as possible to ensure that servicing and maintenance of the machine become simple and easy. Because of the simplicity and openness of our designs, our partners near you will be able to assist you at the time when online troubleshooting becomes ineffective. In extreme cases, our main servicing and maintenance team can visit your machines in-person.