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FAST-P Medium Productivity Stick Pack Packing Machine for Pasty Products

FAST-P Packing Machine
Technical Specifications
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FAST-P Packing Machine

This Vertical Fast Multi-Line Packaging Machine from MF PACKAGING (Italy) is fitted with a specific batching system to fill creamy and pasty products.


The Fast-P Packaging Machine is fitted with a Hopper and batching tubes with clamp connections for quick removal and cleaning.


The system can be driven by a brushless drive unit that allows you to accurately adjust the dose.
The product can be connected to a CIP (Clean In Place) system.


This machine is reliable and easy to use and it does not require too much maintenance or a highly qualified personnel to maintain and operate.


There is option for installing the remote support system to control the machine management software. Its nice compact design makes it very easy to clean.


FAST-P Features


  1. High Performance Machine
  2. Easy to Use
  3. Compact Design

Technical Specifications

FAST-P Technical Specification

Number of Lines2 ~ 10
Max Reel Diameter400 mm
Max Reel Width500 mm
Bag LengthVariable from: 30 mm ~ 150 mm
Bag WidthVariable from: 15 mm ~ 150 mm
Production SpeedUp to 60 cycles/min
Max Packaging Volume300 ml
Drive UnitsBrushless Motors + Pneumatic



  1. Easy Opening System: To mark packaging in a specific position and make it easier to open when using kinds of film that are difficult to tear.
  2. Variable Data Marking (Code Printer): Ink-jet, dry pressure transfer.
  3. Particle Extractor Systems
  4. Creation of strip bags with or without dotted line cut along the horizontal seal.
  5. CIP (Clean In Place) Sanitation System
  6. Auto Bag Rejection System: Line control of bags made with system to discard packages exceeding tolerance values and batching device self-adjustment system (feed-back).
  7. Gas Flushing: Packaging under modified atmosphere conditions: injections of inert gases.
  8. Remote Process Monitoring: Computerized monitoring of the production process of the packaging machine with customized processing of data detected for diagnostics and troubleshooting.
  9. Additional Packaging Process: Automatically combined with cellophane wrappers, carton filling units, etc.
  10. Remote Support for Troubleshooting & Diagnostics

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