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Entry Level Premade Mini Doypack Pouch Packaging Machines

DOYPACKER Entry Level Premade Mini Doypack Pouch Packaging Machines


The DOYPACKER Entry Level Premade Mini Doypack Pouch Packaging Machines fill and seal pre-made pouches in one automatic process and a cost-effective solution to get away from costly and labor-intensive manual bagging to the world of affordable and reliable automation technology. LENIS offers cost-effective DOYPACKER packaging systems for pre-made pouch packing of grains, powders, and liquid products. This machine is of a small footprint based on a space-saving design concept that can be interfaced with different kinds of fillers. Specially designed and developed for packaging food products, such as nuts, candies, cereal mix, condiments, coffee powder, paste, liquids, cheese, etc.

With a unique combination of pneumatic and vacuum actuators, this machine individually collects each pouch. The pouches are then rotated to the fill area where the bag is opened and placed in a filling position. It has an optional zipper opening mechanism for pre-made bags with zippers. After opening, the product enters the chute where the bag is being opened below. The machine sensor then detects the bag and upon successful bag detection in place, the chute opens its gate and enters the bag. Then, the product is immediately dispensed without spillage and protecting bag contamination. The bag sealing action then takes place and the sealed bag is released onto the takeaway or delivery conveyor.

The machine consists of multiple bag detection proximity switches at various points in the cycle to ensure correct bag placement and bag opening. The machine is intelligent enough to detect a rejected damaged bag and is ejected from the machine and the packaging process continues without interruption. The rejected bag can be reused if found good and re-usable by an operator. The heart of the machine control system is a Mitsubishi Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) system to control it and also for coordinating the integration of all high-quality packaging components with accurate results.

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