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Customized & Specialized Machinery Solutions

NEXUS Wet-Wipe Production & Packaging Lines


NEXUS Wet-Wipe Production & Packaging Line offers a two-station high-speed production and packaging of wet-wipe sachets. The process starts from rolls of non-woven fabric being folded and cut to the required size. Then the other part of the machine prepares the sachet for packaging. The sachet is formed, filled with the folded wipe, filled with sanitizing liquid, and then sealed. NEXUS line makes 4-side sealed sachets with a tear notch at one side for easy tearing. The production capacity of NEXUS is 50 to 100 packs/minute.


Customized & Specialized Machinery Solutions


Do you have a challenging project with a need for customized or specialized machinery? No off-the-shelf machines are good enough for your special project? You are at the right place then!


We love challenging, customized & specialized projects which others are reluctant to take. We design and build customized and specialized machinery and can offer you a total turnkey solution for a complete and complex line of customized machines. Contact us with details of your requirement. Give us a call or send us a detailed email and let us discuss and plan a solution to your specialized problem in hand. We are confident that we can offer you the best solution at a competitive price-point.

Face Mask Production & Packaging Machines


Turnkey Solutions for Comprehensive Facemask Production & Packaging Lines for North America

LENIS MACHINES offers turnkey solutions for Disposable Facemask, KN95 Facemask & N95 Face Mask Production & Packaging Line of Machines including all the raw materials required to make high-quality facemasks. These highly sophisticated & state of the art machines make about 30 ~ 40 pcs N95 masks, 60 ~ 65 KN95 masks, and 100 ~ 110 disposable facemasks per minute. We also offer a full packaging line including a Delta-Robot Vision-based Sorting/Aligning Machine, Flow Wrapping/Packing Machine, Boxing Machine, Carton Erector, and Carton Sealing Machine as a comprehensive line of mask production. These machines contain high-quality electrical components for ruggedness and reliability including all SIEMENS PLC, Motion Controller, Servo Motors & Servo Drives.

These machines are mainly for the North American market. We will bring the machines to our Vancouver, Canada warehouse and certify the machines if required by the client (for Canada it is mandatory) and will provide training on the full production and packaging process and then repack and ship the whole line to the client in an easy, modular, and well-documented manner. We will provide post-sale-support from our Vancouver office.


Types of Mask Production Lines
  • Disposable Facemask Production & Packaging Lines
  • KN95 Ear-Loop Based Facemask Production & Packaging Lines
  • N95 Head-Band & Nose-Clip Based Facemask Production & Packaging Lines


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